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You Load, They Drive

Moving or relocation is a tough and stressful job. You have only two choices. Either you hire professional movers or a self service moving company, where you pack your stuff on your own and drive it to new location yourself. Self service movers are a great hit as you are assured that your stuff is packed nicely and the driver of the truck needs to do the long driving. This is as simple a concept like you load and we drive. It is do it yourself kind of job.

It is simple and convenient. You need to make an estimate on how many boxes will be needed for packing your entire stuff and inform the movers company. The truck drops big containers and packing boxes at your house. You need to pack your stuff in these containers. Once you have finished packing just call the moving truck and it will deliver your items to new address. As soon as it is delivered to your new house you can do unpacking at your convenience and speed.

This is a good service as you will save a lot of money on hourly charges by these packers and movers for packing your stuff. You can always ask them for packing help by paying more. The charges are determined on the basis of number of boxes and kilometers you need to travel. It is advisable to have insurance for your stuff if you plan to shift your valuables. This self service moving is a lot easier and a cheaper option. You are at peace as you do not have to bother about your stuff breaking or mixing with other people’s boxes. If you want to be the one who guides people on how to pack stuff then you can simply hire people to do all the extra packing and unpacking work for you. This relaxation does not come for free as you need to pay for the number of hours used for packing and unpacking. Although there is a lot more work of packing and unpacking involved but it will be very light on your wallet.

Please fill in the moving estimate here to compare prices amongst the various self service moving companies and get information about packing and moving trucks as well. This would help you in arriving at a decision for your storage needs and requirements within no time.


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